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June 2020

Launch of Creators for Justice

 and the Hire Black Database.

March 2020

Coronavirus Happy Hour 

First Digital Event on mental health during a pandemic with  Dr. Charmain Jackman and David T. Hsu, hosted by Christina Wolfgram.

February 2020

 Founding of YEA! Impact,

a response-driven agency rooted in social justice.

November 2019

#PayUpHollywood Town Hall

YEA! partnered with #PayUp and Scriptnotes Podcast for an open forum and candid conversation on Hollywood assistant wages. Featuring Liz Alper, Deirdre Mangan, John August, and YEA! co-founder Allison Begalman. Check out the recorded conversation here

October 2019

Meditation for

Entertainment Activists

 A conversation on the intersections of healting and social justice  with Maria Egan, Lauren Nwankpa, and Marya Bangee. Hosted by Andy Riemer.

July 2019

Angela Robinson Town Hall

Featuring Alex Kondracke and Elegance Bratton, the discussion focused on desegregating liberal spaces and using access to Hollywood to get out the vote.

March 2019  

First Event: Homeless Lunchmaking with a discussion led by Imagine LA and Everyone in LA.

May 2020 

Hollywood Climate Summit 

In partnership with NYULA and Variety, this event activating young professionals around climate storytelling and justice. Featuring  40+ speakers included Scott Z. Burns, Kendrick Sampson, Pamela Adlon, Jamie Margolin, AJR and many more.

February 2020

Reimagining Human Rights

Panel and series of workshops on how entertainment can be a catalyst for human rights. Featuring Tanya Saracho, Kasi Lemmons, Bonnie Abaunza, Jarina De Marco, and many more!   

November 2019

2020 Messaging Town Hall

YEA! and NYULA held a conversation about the power of persuasion in content creation followed by multiple workshops. Featuring Amy Ziering, Julie Hermelin, Mukta Mohan, Souris Hong-Porretta, and John-Paul Bernbach. 

June 2019

 LGBTQ+ Panel & Workshop

Hosted at Netflix with 250+ attendees, the main panel featured top queer leaders like Alia Shawkat and Margaret Cho, moderated by Jill Soloway, followed by 8 workshops that gave young entertainment professionals tools to increase queer representation from their desks. Post-event, assistants organized at their companies in ways such as including pronouns in email signatures and crew lists.

May 2019  

 Billy Ray & Gregg Hurwitz Town Hall 

First town hall with 100+ young people on how to talk to people you disagree with. 

February 2019  

YEA! sent its first newsletter filled with events for young activists in Hollywood!