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Our Mission

We are an activist hub and creative production studio in the entertainment industry, organizing young media professionals and equipping them to transform our industry, lend their talent to critical social change, and ultimately change the stories that shape our culture.


Theory of change

YEA! supports the growth and advancement of Activated Culture Makers (young media professionals ready to leverage their positions for social impact) both inside of Hollywood and as young people passionate about justice, climate, and social change. Our programming primarily serves those who have not been represented within the industry and on screen – young people of color, queer & LGBTQI folx, disabled, and immigrant communities. When these communities gain access to the rooms that create culture, mainstream audiences experience new voices and new perspectives that collectively help us move towards an inclusive, pluralist, and representative society. 

When we invest in the social justice literacy and professional journeys of Activated Culture Makers, by organizing and providing resources for them to survive in this industry, they are more likely to achieve long-term success and to then implement measurable shifts in the studios where they work and the stories they put out.

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